We want you to be as informed as possible about the week and the things which will occur. Here is a list of questions which are commonly asked.

What does the per person fee include? The fee for the week includes all regularly scheduled meals and lodging from the time the group arrives until the time when they leave. In addition, Dan, qualified staff and detailed planning and preparation for the week are all covered. All Outdoor Adventure activities and equipment are also provided (rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, and caving). The only things not included are transportation of your group and the cost of White Water Rafting or Canoeing.

Who is responsible for transporting our group once we arrive? Your group is responsible for all transportation and transportation costs during the week (driving to and from the activity areas: i.e., caving, climbing/rappelling; etc.). Most groups use 15 passenger vans, but buses are OK in the wilderness program as long as you let us know in advance.

Where will we be? Most of our wilderness adventures are run out of the George Washington National Forest in the Alleghany Mountains of North Western Virginia - our base camp is in the Bull Pasture Valley 10 miles South of McDowell, Virginia. Directions can be seen here.

What if we bring someone who has not filled out their Medical form or Liability release? These forms are mandatory. No group member (including all adults) will be allowed to participate in any Aslan activity without both forms correctly filled out and signed (including the parents signatures). If a youth arrives and the correct forms are not here there will need to be phone calls to the parents, Youth leaders will need to sign as witnesses to the calls, etc. It is a big hassle. Just bring the correct forms.

What is the food like? We try to provide your group with healthy food for the whole week. High sugar foods, high fat foods and other so called "junk foods" are avoided as much as possible. We challenge each group which comes to try to avoid the junk food for a full week (it is much harder than you think!). The food as a whole is tasty, nutritious, and will be devoured by all! The group members will be preparing and serving these meals.