We have designed a basic schedule which works well. The staff will work with you to adjust this to your objectives of the trip.

Arrival Day: You can arrive any time after 6pm. You will meet your staff members at the campground. After introductions they will get the group going at setting up the campsite and show you how to set up the tarps. They will take care of any paperwork and will sit down with the leaders to clarify the group goals, and the plans for the week. They will go over with the whole group the policies or rules which need to be followed for the week, then ask for volunteers who will prepare and serve dinner. After dinner the staff will moderate the making of a group covenant. With the leaders help they will break up the whole group into smaller groups. These small groups will then be scheduled for rotating responsibilities throughout the week. The staff will brief the group on the plan for the following day. By this time everyone will probably be exhausted, and it will be time to get some sleep (under tarps, on the ground).

Mornings: Each morning one of the small groups will be responsible for preparing breakfast. After breakfast there is normally a time for a short devotion, or "seed thought" which is led by the staff or by one of the groups leaders. The activity of the day is then organized and begun. Normally a pack lunch will need to be made, as lunch will be eaten at or during the daily activity, whether that is hiking, climbing, rappelling, caving, or white water rafting.

Evenings: The evenings begin with setting up camp (if needed), preparing dinner, planning worship, eating dinner and cleaning up dinner. Somewhere during this time the leaders should meet to discuss how things are going, and make plans for the next day. When camp is all organized, and dinner is cleaned up there is a debriefing of the day's activities led by the staff and leaders, then a group worship led by the small group. When these are finished it is time to just hang out and talk, play some games, or head straight to the sleeping bag.