Community Gear: All community gear is provided by Aslan Adventures including tents, cooking equipment, general camping gear, food, climbing gear, etc.

___ T-shirts (crop tops or immodest clothing is not appropriate)
___ Shorts (no short-shorts - guys or girls), polyester preferable
___ 1 pair of boots for hiking
___ Shoes &/or sandals for around camp
___ Sweater, Jacket, or fleece and pants for cool evenings
___ Socks, underwear (enough for the entire week)
___ Raingear: poncho or parka (plan for rain)
___ Swimsuit (modest)
___ Footwear is required for swimming and rafting (Flip flops are not enough, bring sandals or old sneakers.)
___ Backpack (can be rented from Aslan)
___ Suntan Lotion/Insect Repellant (optional)
___ Large and small plastic bags for dirty clothes & protecting gear from rain
___ Towel & washcloths
___ Personal toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc. )
___ Trash Bags (for muddy clothes, trash, and to use as pack covers)

___ Canteen or water bottle - at least 2 liters worth (soda bottles work best)
___ Flashlight with 2 sets of batteries
___ Bible (smaller the better), notebook and pen (in a ziplock bag is a good idea)
___ Sleeping bag with stuff sack or straps, ground pad (air mattresses are not ideal - too big)
___ Old, warm clothes for caving (will get very muddy) bring these clothes even if you are not planning to cave, because the weather may change your plans
___ Any necessary medications (with a MD's note)

Do Not Bring:
-Valuables (your gear will be stored in tents or vehicles)
-TV's, stereos, CD players, Walkmen, or any electronic equipment.
-Your favorite clothing (They will get dirty, torn, etc)

Be sure to bring enough clothes for the entire week!!!